Te Atatu Cluster Softball Field Day  –  Tuesday 18th October

A fantastic day –  our girls team came 2nd and the boys team finished in the middle of the competition.  thank you to Mr Scott and Ms Naylor and all our supporters – a wonderful day.

Tree Adventures at Woodhill Forest.

Four of our students had a trip to Tree Adventures at Woodhill Forest.  They had a fantastic time. Here are some of the photos from the day.

The students (and their teachers and some parents) had an awesome time at Paradice Iceskating on Wednesday. The students had a great day and they were so proud of themselves as many started off very hesitant but all mastered the art of iceskating by the end of the day and came back to school very happy and all a bit tired. Thank you to all the parents that came to help both on and off the ice – you are all amazing.

The CWSA Edmonton Engineer Team at Royal Road Primary 
An onsite visit exploring the opportunity to create a Bike Track for our students as Royal Road Primary have.

Inter School Chess Tournament – 8th June 2016

Tapa Cloth

Thank you to Maria, Adelma, Ebony, Carla, Tylah and Ahlijah’s grandparents and Sela for working on the Tapa with Helen on our Reunion Day.  Everyone was very impressed with the wonderful work restoring our Tapa.

Chess Training Day 

On Monday a group of students interested in Chess and Room 8 students enjoyed the morning learning how to play chess.  They are getting ready for the Chess Tournament on 8th June.

TravelWise Programme

Students are busy creating posters for our TravelWise / Road Safety Programmes

Junior Classes and their Treasures

Some of our Pirate Crew

School Athletics – Friday 8th April


Years 5 & 6 – Sailing Programme – March 2016

Great day at the Rugby Tournament today for the Under 40kg side. A win and a draw placed us into the final which we won 3 tries to 1 against Peninsula Primary.
The whole team played awesome and they had a fantastic day. Well done to Tyler who was named player of the day by the referees. You captained and led them well Tyler! Well done boys top effort by everyone you 😀
A big thanks to Cam Couper for coaching the boys today.