The Writing Bag and Sunny the Bear

The Junior School are having turns at taking Sunny the Bear home for an adventure.  Here are some of the adventures that Sunny has had so far.


Yesterday I had a lot of fun with Sunny. We had a picnic with my picnic basket and my cake and tea set. I got two of my other fluffy toys out of my drawer. Their names are Totor and Roseta.

By Elena

Hi, my name is Sunny and my friend is Elijah. We had dinner, Spaghetti bolognaise. I ate it all… I met Alf and Banana coconut Rosby. By Elijah

My name is Sunny. I went home with Eli. He showed me his room and his teddies. We played blay-blades. By Eli


I played with Sunny on the swing and I pushed Sunny on the swing. Then I sat down on the seat with Sunny and the cats. One is grey and three are black. Then we rode the scooter. It was fun and then we watched t.v on Netflix. Sunny had tired eyes and then we went to bed and cuddled up. By Indy


Hi my name is Sunny and today I had lots of fun at Prapthi’s house. Mr Monkey and me played and had dinner. We watched T.V with Prapthi and laughed a lot. I had a great time at my new friend's house. By Phrapthi


Hi, my friend's name is called Aloe and I’m Sunny. We went on cool adventures outside. We climbed on a tree and we took photos on the trampoline. Sunny went to bed early. So I brushed his teeth and gave him a big hug. By Aloe


Hi my name is Sunny. Today we went to the park and we had fun. We went to the party and had cake. Then we went home and had some more dinner. By Danny


My name is Sidney. After school I played with Sunny bear and showed him my pet turtle. Then we fed the turtle some pellets. My turtle's name is M.J.  By Sidney



The Middle School have been sending home a writing bag so that students can share their writing with their parents.

In the weekend l went to my old house at Laingholm where Dad lives. Even though it is an old house it has an immense slide and Dad built it all by himself. He was not sure how fast it would go but when we went down we found out it was so fast that we slid off the end and landed on our butt. So dad decided to make it longer.  Once there was lots of water on the slide and l went down it and even though the slide had been extended I still fell off the end of the slide.

By Danielle R.7


In the holidays I am going to the Gold Coast in Australia with my family. It will be in September the 29th. What I will be doing there is going to Dream World. In Dream World it has intense roller coasters. The ride I will be going on is the wipeout water park. When I finish the wipeout water park we will go to the hotel. I’ll get changed and see Australian animals. The animals I like are kangaroos and koala bears, also snakes and crocodiles.

By Khoby R.7

Once upon a time there were two sisters, Danielle the oldest and Ammaarah the littlest. One day Ammaarah and Danielle went to the scary woods and an IMMENSE Dragon appeared out of nowhere.The dragon had sharp teeth and lots of scales. The dragon was angry like a chicken getting its feathers pulled out.  Ammaarah whispered to Danielle and said, “I think I know why he’s angry, look on his paw”. Danielle replied, “Oh yeah”. So Ammaarah went to the dragon and said “What’s the matter?” then it said, “Gh gh gh.” Then she said “ I can get that out of your paw”. It was a splinter. Then Ammaarah went so close that she was on the dragon’s right arm.  Ammaarah pulled the splinter out slowly and carefully. The dragon licked Ammaarah, and Danielle went past cautiously. Ammaarah held the dragon’s paw until she was safe and then slowly walked away from the dragon. The dragon was grateful for Ammaarah’s help and flew off into the distance.

 By Ammaarah R.7



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