Room 10 - Sailing Programme - 30 March 2016

Room 10 went sailing on Wednesday and had an amazing day!! Thankyou to Mr Alexander for organising & co ordinating this activity, to the Taikata Sail Club for hosting the groups over the past three days and for making the learning to sail an awesome experience for all involved. Thanks also to  Yachting New Zealand for supplying Reuben to coach the children and for making this experience possible. An extra thank you to all the parents that helped with transport and stayed to support the students. 


Room 9 Sailors - 31st March 2016

Room 9 went sailing and had an amazing day!! Once again thank you to all the parents that gave their time to help transport and stay to support them. Here are some photo's from their day.


Room 8 Sailing - 1st April 2016

Once again thank you to Mr A for organising this fantastic day. Everyone had a wonderful time and can't wait to go again. 

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