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Chess at Edmonton School

Year 6 students interested in chess have been playing regularly at school.  Some have participated in three chess tournaments in Term 2 against other schools.  Here are some results:

Chess Power Tournament 7 May  - 18 students from Edmonton School participated in this event.  The first five students did particularly well:

Best boy: Bilal Aktar                                                                                                           Best girl: Ashleigh Billington

Andrew Gafoi (3rd), Win Xin Feng (4th), Jasmine Tjahjono (5th)

West Auckland Primary Interschool Chess Championship 25 May - 8 students participated in this event consisting of 2 teams.

Team A:  Bilal Aktar, Ashleigh Billington, Andrew Gafoi, Jasmine Tjahjono.  14th out of 26 teams. 

Team B: Wen Xin Feng, Will Couper, Sarang kwon, Sid Lohan.  19th out of 26 teams.

Andrew Gafoi achieved a great individual score, coming 9th out of 26 players for team A

Auckland Girls’ Chess Championship 15 June  - 7 girls participated in this event against schools across all of Auckland. 

Under 12 - Ashleigh Billington, Yuki Woon, Wen Xin Feng, Sarang Kwon, Jasmine Tjahjono, Aquilah-Rose Ormsby

Under 10 - Amberleigh Smith-Holley

Under 12, Ashleigh Billington and Yuki Woon achieved excellent individual scores coming 17th equal out of over 50 students.


A special thanks to Andrew Billington transporting students to events and Ann-Marie Noble and Shereen Aktar for supervising children and providing transport.



Term 2

During this term we learned about connections such as family connections, electrical connections and other forms of connections. Some of our classes decided to look at how we may be connected through celebrations. We examined similarities, differences, significance and cultural practices around various celebrations. This was really enlgihtening and fun to do.

One student commented "It was fun. I learnt more about different celebrations around the world. I enjoyed getting to work together with chosen partners. I also learnt anout new and innovative ways of presenting my work. We all got to choose our own celebrations. It was really cool." So the inquiry topic was really beneficial and enjoyable for the children.

Children got to share their findings from their topic inquiry to other classes. This was really beneficial for developing their presentation skills.

During term 2 we also had an exciting visit from the Warriors with one of our students, KC winning the opportunity of a life time. She got free tickets to a game and as part of that she was to carry the ball out onto the field. Really lucky girl.



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