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Term 1

I am Growing 

This term was all about getting to know eachother and discovering many things about growing.  We measured our heights, our shoe sizes, hand spans and how to measure things in our class using non-standard measurements.  We planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow (or not grow depending on what happened to them where we left the pots).

Room 7 measured and ate a cucumber that Eden brought into school from his garden.  It was a monster and tasted delicious.  They measured and drew some beans that Mrs Mays brought in from her garden.


We finally had a successful bloom from one sunflower seed.  


We were so happy to finally have a sunflower.


Room 5 passed a slice of bread around so everyone could touch it.  Another piece of bread was put in a plastic bag but no one touched it. They waited for a few days to see what would happen.  Mould began to grow on the bread that everyone touched but the other piece looked the same.  After another week the bread began to grow more mould.  It was disgusting!  Now they know how important it is to wash their hands before they eat.


Room 6 saw some changes to corn kernals when they heated them and made popcorn.  

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