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Term 3

We began the term with our 100 Day Celebration on Thursday of Week 1 and on Friday we celebrated the opening of our bike track.  Room 5 students wrote about their experiences.  Here are some of their comments from the day. 

100 day Celebration

On Thursday when I went to school, I was late. When I went inside of Room 5 my class I was shocked, because there were balloons on our chairs. Everyone said my name so loud.

Mrs S said, “Go to your tables and I’ll give you a buddy to work with for plusses to 100.  Mrs S gave us some skittles.  When we finished our activity Mrs S said, “Come to the floor and let’s reflect”. And we did.  

After Lunch we made our 100-Day glasses and then we watched the rest of Brother Bear in Room 7. Then the bell went. It was a fun and surprising day.  By Ellerie Davey

On Thursday I went to school. When I went inside I saw balloons for everybody in my class.  Some had different balloons and some had different colours.  The balloons were on our chairs. 

After morning tea, we talked about 100 places we’d like to visit.  I wanted to visit Korea, China, Australia, Japan and Starbucks.

After lunch we made our 100-day glasses out of paper.  First we needed to colour it in, then cut, glue and finally wear it. We took all of our balloons home. I felt really happy. By Jasmeen Chand

On Thursday when I got to class, it was decorated with balloons and everyone said, “Happy 100-Days!”

When the start of day bell rang, Mrs S wished us all, “Happy 100-Days!” In the first block we talked about where in the world we wanted to go. I wanted to go to India.

After morning tea, Mrs S gave us skittles and I took a yellow one. We got into buddies and took a scrap paper. We wrote ways we could write 100. We also did 100 compliments and ways we could show kindness. I thought I could give someone a toy as a way of showing kindness.

The last block we made glasses in the shape of 100. We also got to take our balloons home.  I felt so good and happy.  At the end of the day I said to the class to give Mrs S a big clap. And they did.  By Mohitha Kosreddi

On Thursday it was Room 5, 6 and 7’s 100-Day celebration. We have been counting all the days we’ve been to school since the start of the year. We also learned about place value.

When I was outside I looked through the classroom window, I was surprised!!! I saw lots of balloons on all the chairs.  I said to myself, “I wasn’t expecting this from Mrs S.”

Then I went through and said, “Good Morning Mrs S!” and the day went on.  I thought this was a day that everything was different, but I could be wrong. Well, I can’t remember everything.

When Room 5 was at their tables we got skittles and 100’s and 1000’s cookies. It was good day. At the end of the day we all took balloons home. The next day would be back to normal.  By Marley Manoah


The Bike Opening

By Dallas Wolferstan

I was decorating my bike at home for our Edmonton Bike Track Opening. I put wheelly brights and beads on my wheels. I put balloons on my bike too.  Then I went to show it off at school. I raced it. I felt happy when I showed my bike to others at school.

The Bike Opening

By Zoe Snow

On Friday our school had our Bike Track Opening.  The whole school was outside Rooms 10 and 11.  There was a red carpet on the ground. It had bricks on it to hold it down.

We had a competition for the best decorated scooters and bikes. In our class Ellora and Harper came 1st and 2nd for having the best decorated scooters. Harper got a bag of lollies and Ellora got a T-shirt and a drink bottle. Mrs S said, “I did not know there were prizes for scooters.”  It was a fun day.







Term 2 - I am creative!

Congratulations to Annabelle in Room 7 for her entry into the Coffee Club Christmas Cup competition. All of the middle syndicate produced a creative art piece and they looked fantastic. Annabelle's creation won third place and her entry can be seen on the following link.  

Annabelle received a Westfield gift voucher for herself and money for our school.



Each class has been busy creating a costume for our "Wearable Arts" parade coming up in Week 5 of Term 3.  We can't post pictures of these yet as they are a surprise but we can show some of the other things we did that were creative.





Term 1

I am Growing 

This term was all about getting to know eachother and discovering many things about growing.  We measured our heights, our shoe sizes, hand spans and how to measure things in our class using non-standard measurements.  We planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow (or not grow depending on what happened to them where we left the pots).

Room 7 measured and ate a cucumber that Eden brought into school from his garden.  It was a monster and tasted delicious.  They measured and drew some beans that Mrs Mays brought in from her garden.


We finally had a successful bloom from one sunflower seed.  


We were so happy to finally have a sunflower.


Room 5 passed a slice of bread around so everyone could touch it.  Another piece of bread was put in a plastic bag but no one touched it. They waited for a few days to see what would happen.  Mould began to grow on the bread that everyone touched but the other piece looked the same.  After another week the bread began to grow more mould.  It was disgusting!  Now they know how important it is to wash their hands before they eat.


Room 6 saw some changes to corn kernals when they heated them and made popcorn.  

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