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Introducing Mrs Cunningham

Mrs Cunningham is a new teacher to Edmonton School and she is teaching in Room 11.  She has two children named Cara and Saul.  In the weekend she does reading, gardening and likes spending time with her family.  She also likes knitting.  Her favourite food is wasabi!  She was born in Pretoria, South Africa but she grew up in Mozambique.  She thinks that New Zealand is an interesting country because there are lots of fascinating places.  She likes Edmonton School because there are lots of nice children and staff.

We hope she enjoys her time at Edmonton School.

By Roving Reporters

Luca, Jarvis and Gen


Krypton Factor Competition

On Sunday 18th March two teams went to Henderson North Primary School for a Krypton Factor competition.  The teams went to have a fun day doing activities that were organised by the Henderson Lions Club.

My favourite activity was Revolutionary Basketball because I got some shots in and that made me feel proud.  Six people were around the circle and two people were holding the basketball hoop and walking in a circle.

By Luca

My favourite activity was feed the worm.  It was easy because the tallest people had to hold the tube and put the ball inside it so it can go through because you can get lots of points.  Team A and Team B both did it and Team A got the most points.  I was the tallest and I worked with Jackson and Daniel.      

By Ngatokoa

My favourite game was the worm because we got to use the easy ball.  The tallest person had to hold the worm up and the other kids had to hold it down.  We had to go around in a circle and somebody had to sit on the end.        

By Zavier

My favourite game was the Jig Saw Puzzle because it was tiring and fun.  The puzzle was a big photo all about people and the Krypton Factor.  When we were going put the puzzle in place you had to run as fast as you can.   

By Ammaarah

The day was hot but fun.  My favourite was the Obstacle Course.  What I liked about it was getting to know other schools and kids.  On the obstacle course we were going under the cargo nets, through the tyres, run to the playground, under the monkey bars, going over and under timber, get on the skis with four people then go left, right, left right until the end.   

By Stevie






Cricket Field Day

We were in the  B team for the cricket field day.  We met in Room 10 and then got in our cars and headed for Te Atatu Park.  When we got there we saw a lot of teams and we started practising our bowling while we were waiting to find out who we were playing first.  We were a bit nervous.  We had special partners we  had to bat with.  We had two batters at a time  and once everyone had a bat it was the other team’s turn.  The B team won two games and lost two games.  We all had a really good time at the cricket field day.     

By Paige and Foketi

Jese’s Cricket Day

At school I took the sports equipment to Mr Scott’s car.  When we got there I helped take the gear out of the car and put it by the white building.  I helped warm up the team – we were throwing and catching the ball.

 Jese was the cricket team’s helper. 






At our whole school assembly last Friday Mr Scott announced that he had three certificates to give out.  The three people he was talking about have been cycling and walking to and from school.  Sometimes one of them gets dropped off at school in the morning and then runs home.  By cycling, walking and running to and from school these people don’t have their cars on the road which helps with a little less congestion and pollution.  Also an important part of everyone’s day is EXERCISE!  By being Travelwise we can get our daily exercise by being active in the ways we get to and from school.  The three people called up for their certificates were Mr Alexander, Mr Lowndes and Mr Pilkington.  Congratulations.


There will be more reminders coming up about Park and Walk.  If you drop off or pick up your children from school you may like to park in one of our Park and Walk zones and walk with your child to school.  Start the day with some exercise and be Travelwise.


By Dakota and Emily




Excited Edmonton Warriors

Last Friday the Edmonton Warriors played in a basketball curtain raiser for the Breakers and Melbourne United game.

The team walked into the North Shore Events Arena feeling a bit nervous.  They got given fortune cookies and T-shirts which were blue.  They played hard and strived hard but at the end of the game they tied 8 all. When they finished they had to wait for about 10 minutes and then had to follow a lady who was making the rope for the fan tunnel. They all lined up and the Breakers got introduced.  There were high fives with all the Breakers.  They were really tall. 

After that they had to go back to their seats and Angelina led the chants that the team made for the main game.  At half time the Breakers were winning.  There was a Chinese dragon doing a performance for entertainment.  In the second half Finn Delany got a monster dunk and repeated that about 3 more times. The crowd was going wild.

 At the end the Breakers won and everyone got to get their T-shirts signed by the Breakers, but before that they said good game to the Melbourne United team. Ariel got a selfie with all the Breakers.  It felt like the best day of their lives.

Reported by our Roving Reporters

Will and Ariel  


Introducing Mr Daren Lowndes - Room 9 Teacher

Mr Lowndes (Daren) was born in Ashburton, South Island NZ. He is 47 years old and was born on October 5th.  He has two girls, Alice who is ten and Sophie who is 8 in a half.

Culture and countries visited

Mr Lowndes is part Guernsey (from his Dad’s side) and is part English (from his Mum).  He lived in London for 3 years then moved to Guernsey for 3 and a half years.

How did you become a teacher?

Mr Lowndes was about 24 and was helping a friend’s son; the mum said “You should become a teacher”. So he did.

Mr Lowndes has taught at Laingholm School, Massey Primary, Avondale Intermediate and taught at few schools in London, England.

What have you participated in?

Most sports, but cycling and racing were his best. He is also in a church band. He plays bass guitar.

Likes and Fears

Mr Lowndes’s favourite food is chocolate and his favourite colour is green. His favourite movie is Star Wars. He also likes the book Lord of the Rings. His last love is his favourite author, Terry Pratchett who writes children and adult books. Mr Lowndes is afraid of snakes.


Mr Lowndes is allergic to penicillin.

By Dakota and Emily.


Introducing Mrs McCormack- Room 11 Teacher

Mrs McCormack (Carol) was born on the 12th of February 1959.  She was born in Liverpool, England. She has 3 daughters Charlotte, Jessica and Emily. Jessica works at Edmonton and helps our fellow students Pastelle and Abby. She is English and has been to Australia, all around the UK and has been to Spain. She moved to NZ because her family thought it was a great place to go and she is glad she moved here.

Mrs McCormack love’s to read. She read 60 books last year! (They were really thick).She also loves to listen to music.  Her favourite colour is purple and her favourite movie is 'The King and I'.   Her favourite food is sushi. Her favourite author is Agatha Christie. Her fears are water; she’s afraid of swimming and heights

Mrs McCormack is good at listening, reading and storytelling. Mrs McCormack said “say an item and I’ll make up a story about it” so Emily said, “umm radio!” so then Mrs McCormack made up a BRILLIANT story about a radio!!!  Her favourite part in life was getting married because she was a princess for the whole day. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and learnt a bit about Mrs McCormack.

From your Roving Reporters-Dakota and Emily


Introducing Mrs Stockenstroom

Mrs Stockenstroom was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to New Zealand in November 1998 and has been living in New Zealand for 18 years. This November will be her 19th.  She was teaching for 5 ½ years in South Africa before coming to New Zealand but couldn’t find a teaching job when she got here.  Then she found a job at Westpac and worked there for six whole years. Finally she found a job as a teacher at Pomaria and now we are lucky to have her at Edmonton.

In December, she went back to Cape Town for a holiday.  All her family were there. She went to an Animal Sanctuary and fed the elephants and patted the leopards with her 14 year old daughter Che. She also journeyed to the amazing Cango caves and saw a beautiful site of stalagmites and stalactites.

What is the difference between South Africa and New Zealand?

It is safer in New Zealand and people drive slower.  The speed limit is usually around 60km on the road and 120km on the motorway. Also, the supermarkets are a bit calmer here in New Zealand because there are not so many people.

Fears and Loves

Mrs Stokenstroom is afraid of spiders and got poisoned by a spider once and had to get rushed to hospital. She loves hiking, walking, baking, listening to music and outdoor activities especially camping.


Mrs Stockenstroom is allergic to dust which is dust mites.  She even vacuumed her classroom walls at the beginning of the year.

Roving Reporters - Emily S. and Dakota


Ronald McDonald Show

We interviewed Zavier, Zoe, Laelani, Josiah, Trent and Hayley from Room11.

1. What was the show about?    Road safety.

2. What was your favourite bit?    When Ronald McDonald’s sock flew away and when Ronald McDonald sang Make it Click.

3. Who was in the show?     Ronald McDonald, Mrs Siu, Ronald McDonald’s friend, Nikki and Angelina.

4. Would you want to see the show again and why?

Zoe said yes because it’s funny and she liked Ronald McDonald, Zavier said no because he doesn’t like the sneaky drive way.

What was your favourite bit?

“I liked the bit when he lost his sock and he used it as a puppet.” Josiah.

“Ronald McDonald’s friend tried to get Ronald McDonald’s sock off his back.”  Laelani.

“I liked the sneaky drive way.”  Hayley.

“I liked the Ronald McDonald song Make it Click.”  Trent.

2. Would you want to see the show again?

“YES!! Because it was so funny and he sang a funny song and especially about road safety.”  Josiah.

“Yes because some parts were really funny.” Hayley

“Yes because it was super cool.”  Trent.



 From our Roving Reporters Angelina and Kadaj

Every Wednesday morning we have a group of students who come to school early to do this exercise programme called Iron Up.  We interviewed Valentino who runs the programme.


Valentino Stewart loves teaching/training people and seeing results at the end of the programme. He played sports when he was really young, especially rugby. Then he went to Sydney and became a personal trainer. Now he is the head trainer for “Iron Up Sports”. The Iron Up programme starts on Wednesday at 7:15 am on the field at school. Eleven Yr 5 & 6 children were chosen for this programme because they were sporty. It costs $40 for a term or $4 a session.  After the Iron Up session and fitness test, Marie served us some breakfast. For breakfast we had Baked Beans, Toast, Muffins, Weet-Bix and Milo. Valentino Stewart said to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Our homework is to think of our goals for next week and improve our techniques for footwork, sprinting, strength and conditioning. After all of that we all felt HAPPY, ENERGISED and AWESOME!!

Written by Angelina and Kadaj

Roving Reporters


6 March 2017

“Stepping Out”

Last week 3 classes got chosen to go and see Constable Paul about road safety. One of those three classes was Room 11. We interviewed Hailey and Joshua. Here is some information about what they have learnt.  Joshua replied, “Stop look and listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes and use your ears before you use your feet!” Then Hayley said “I learnt about car safety!”  Joshua also learnt that if you have an adult with you, you need to hold their hand when you cross the road. Their favourite parts were sitting in the booster seat and having two girls at the back and one boy in the front of the police car.

From your Roving Reporter Dakota and your mini reporters Hayley and Joshua. Room

Room 12

Skye’s favourite bit was sitting in the car seat and Connor’s favourite bit was when the sirens went off in the police car. Connor also liked Constable Paul (yes the person Constable Paul). “We learnt car and road safety,” Skye said. “We also learnt about crossing the road” said Connor. “When you get in your car make sure you click your seat belt,” said Connor. Both of them said “the seat is comfy”. “There were heaps of buttons,” said Skye. Both of them felt all the happy emotions in the end.

From your Roving Reporter Emily and your mini reporters Skye and Connor Jay

Here is what some of the children did and learnt from Room 2.

“We went in the police car,” said Elena.

“Hold hands while you’re crossing the road,” said Aloe.

They also learnt a song and it goes like this. Stop look and listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes, use your ears, before you use your feet.

They both sat in booster seats and they also learnt about booster seats and car seats.

They both learnt that you must click your seat belt before you start the car and you’re not allowed to put your hand out the window.  Their favourite bits were sitting in the police car and crossing the road.

From your Roving Reporter Angelina and your 2 mini reporters Aloe and Elena.



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